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w_ver3You may love him, you may hate him, you may throw shoes at him, you make jokes on him, berated his incompetencies, but fact remains, he was once, twice, the President of United States of America, a position that guarantees power, as close as man could have in this kingdom of God. George W. Bush, and Oliver Stone doesn’t wait till his precedency career is over to made a biopic, a closer look to a man whose in my opinion, earned more curses than any other living men in the history of humankind. Like it or not, he’d one of the prominent politician for perhaps, centuries to come.

Unless you’re living under a rock for the last twenty years, you’ll know about Bush family. George Bush, and his son George W. Bush. Both has been assume the position of POTUS, and both, perhaps known notoriously for their direct involvement in the first Iraqi War and the second one, respectively. Accurate or no, “W.” depicts the life of the recent former President especially highlighted during his decision to invade Iraq on a suggestion of the Iraqis’ WMDs which of course, are never actually been found. The film shuffled back and forth juxtaposed with W’s youth beginning the time when he was first initiated into a Delta Kappa fraternity, his first political adventure, and dealing with Alcohols, and eventual champaign into the White House. However, the attention of this biopic was clearly and deservedly focused on the POTUS’ involvement in Iraq.

The biopic was made and released even when the person in subject was still in his official position. Therefore, it assumed that its viewers had some level of familiarity with if not faces, then names. Josh Brolin is practically striking as George W. Bush. So was Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney. I can’t vouch for the others, but some actors, for example Thandie Newton in my opinion was merely chosen for her physical semblance to Condoleezza Rice and unless it’s intentional, I thought that she was a joke and reeks of incompetence every time she wanders on screen and screams about it whenever she speaks. All in all, if the film teaches me one thing, it shows how Bush was actually driven by his staffs who manages to convince him that invading Iraq was something that should’ve been done quickly and it’s something that he really wants. Again, can’t vouch for the accuracy that happened inside the conference room where Cheney presented his case on invading Iraq, but for all it’s worth, the scene was pretty damn convincing and the film, as overall, was pretty damn entertaining, to say the least.

Politic is a funny thing, sometime you’d get incompetent people to lead your nation. But hey, it’s just a kingdom of men, anyway. Here in Indonesia, we’ve got our share of incompetent people who assume the number one position in the country anyway and one of them, didn’t even bother to realize that she (if you’re Indonesian, you know her already) was a failure and didn’t even bother to feel ashamed for her failures as she plans to run for a presidency yet again. If you’re Indonesian and have the right to vote, please, I encourage you to not vote for her. She had her chance already, and she blew it.

Anyway, if I was set about to judge based on this film and this film alone, I think that Dick Chenney is the real ass-hole, and Condoleezza Rice is as incompetent as looks warranted (well, actually for the case of Rice, it doesn’t really far-off from what I thought of her here, in the real life).

My rating: ***1/2 / **** There’s no doubt about the subject of this film. If anything, it teaches you, well, at least me, about something in politics. That it’s just a bunch of shitload. That is actually a team-work gig and usually, the best (or evil) men are those who steered the events behind the flashy suit and smile and fancy flowerly words that the front man wore and spoke.