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quarantineGranted, making film in the manner used here in “Quarantine” is nothing entirely new. Back in 2002, “The Blair Witch Project” making a lot of fuss among the movie goers. At the time, though, I was still somewhat on the outside of this circle, looking in and truth be told, I never saw that film. And then there’s “Cloverfield” a ‘small’ film that gives me one of the most memorable moment in 2006.

“Quarantine” looks from the eye of a local cameraman, at first trying to shoot a program that looks like a reality show about the L.A. Fire Department. At the front of the camera is Angela (Jennifer Carpenter) most familiar from her role as Dexter Morgan’s foul-mouthed little sister. The video looks harmless at first, of course, but when the team receives a distress call from a building and obligated to respond, thing goes awry and scary or so the film-maker has every intention to make it as such.

True to its name, “Quarantine” involves the lockdown process of an area for fear of an epidemic outbreak. It turns out that the building the team was dispatched on has been deemed by local authorities as an BNC (Biological Nuclear Contaminated) area and precaution has been taken to lockdown the area, prevent anyone going from the building. Inside, not knowing what happened, the survivors are gradually learn about what happened inside, and soon, the only thing that mattered was to stay alive.

Remade from Spain film, “[REC]”, the film was often named as one of the best horror film in 2008. Sure, given a minimum choice of quality horror on the year past, I might agree with it for really, I couldn’t even remember much film in the horror department that strikes me as good. With an exception of “The Strangers”, of course. The nature of the film requires me, as an audience to have a sympathy to the survivors, to care about them to keep it interesting. Sadly, while somehow it worked very well to guys in “Cloverfield” and to Liv Tyler in “The Strangers”, I scraped for a small amount of sympathy and found almost none. Perhaps because I’ve seen Jennifer Carpenter too often as Debbie Morgan, that foul-mouthed tough cop from Dexter, that I found it hard for her to squeeze into Angela’s fragile and subjected to fear character.

My rating: ** / **** – All in all, it’s a nice experience, and if you could stand “Cloverfield” chance are you might like this better than I. But if “Cloverfield”‘s method of taking pictures nauseated you, don’t bother giving it a try.