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fast_and_furiousA disclaimer, unlike my peers, speed and fast machines aren’t really up my alley. I’d take a faster Internet connection over a faster Nissan any given day (due forgive my ignorance if I made some mistakes in naming these cars) so therefore, while I could enjoy “The Fast and the Furious” (Vin Diesel factor weighing in) as a lukewarm entertainment, I cringed *right* from the first utterance of “2 Fast 2 Furious” and never even bothered to check that “Tokyo Drift” thing. When Paul Walker and Vin Diesel re-teamed to do another sequel, (diminutively trimmed to “Fast & Furious”) I was neither excited nor fled in horror. I mean, although the idea of *sort-of* a re-boot by reuniting the casts and trimmed the franchise title to a minimum is as close to appealing as your head to your toe, given the choice at the local cinemas for the last few weeks, it might fun to see a loud and fast cars (and pyrotechnics. Let’s not forget pyros), street-racing, hot babes, oh, fast cars, and, heck, fast cars. It’s not called “Fast & Furious” without reason. Right?

Apparently ignored the “Tokyo Drift” part entirely (I don’t really know the fact for I never seen it), the event in “Fast & Furious” takes a short while after “2 Fast 2 Furious”, Dom (Vin Diesel) and I’m-too-good-to-take-orders-from-my-superior FBI agent, Brian (Paul Walker) are back to infiltrate some Mexico-based drug cartel operating in Los Angeles by applying for a position as a driver (wow, I didn’t see that coming). Of course, rather than proper wear-your-best-suit job interview, Dom and Brian has to prove themselves in a street race before gets hired. Dom’s motivations are personal and revenge-based, and Brian, well, he’s FBI after all, catching bad guys are exactly his job description.

To my surprise, the film opens quite nicely. Even if I prefer “Quantum of Solace”‘s car-chase opening sequence, this film’s opening sequence taking place in Republic of Dominica (no pun intended, at least from my part) isn’t that far-off behind. If you uninitiated, it would give you a pretty good idea about Dom and his gang. And then, after a cool-off party, where another stones to the plot and to their past are laid, we saw the other half of the original duo, chasing some bad guys across downtown L.A. These two are finally met for their mutual needs and a kind of re-hashed an old tried-and-true formula that worked so well on the first film.

The material is actually pretty enjoyable as a light entertainment. Well, actually, the material is bordering to occasional boredom between the scenes that involved cars but that’s to be expected, really. It tries to crave out something from Dom and Brian and their relationship, but the rest of the cast were just there for the sake of being there. Before long, I started to dozed-off when Vin Diesel frowned or Paul Walker made his deep-in-thought look. That, and I think that the “Fast” adjective aren’t really used in generous here. In other word, the speeding cars are, in my opinion, too few and too far-off between.

Finally, I’d like to award a point to Justin Lim as you know, given the depth of the material, he still could still made this film an enjoyable flick. Plus, there are some juxtaposition scenes that are actually pretty savvy.

My review: **/**** Not as better as the original, but I’d say it was better than the sequels. Well what do you expect, anyway? Crowd will love this, as the whole film left no unfinished business unattended and they probably has a sudden urge to tried the stunts on their way home. Which of course, isn’t really the brightest thing to pull.