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monsters_vs_aliens_ver8Call me an old-fashioned, but I don’t trust 3D cinemas. Not yet, at least. For me, when a film boast a “3D” in its title, it usually a sign that the film is going to sacrifice some of the aspect that made a film a good film for a lavish visual “wow” factor enhanced by the 3D visual effect. “Monsters vs Aliens” first scenes elevate this effect right away when we see a scientist looking out the space in the Antarctic outpost played a pong thingy with its ball (which attached to a string, sorry, I don’t know the name of the toy) bouncing off the screen.

The rest of “Monsters vs Aliens” is simple. There’s Susan (Reese Witherspoon) an ordinary small town girl with a simple dream of marriage. On her wedding day, she was hit by a meteor that made her glow green and physically altered to earn a new title “Ginormica” (think of “Attack of the 50ft. Woman”). Military doesn’t like it, and so she was brought down and taken to a secret facility where there are another just like her. Dr.Cockroach, The Missing Link, Bob, and Insectosaurus. However, it turns out that the meteor that hits Susan sort-of belong to an evil-squid alien (an English speaker alien) and he (presuming that it was a he) wants it back. So he sent one of its army, and as the military learns that it was indestructible, they turn to the Monsters to do the dirty work. Thus, the aptly titled “Monsters vs Aliens”

To be quite honest, I was having fun. The Dreamworks animated films are different than the Pixar’s in a way that Dreamworks rarely, if ever, taken itself seriously. This film is no exception. From the get go, the films are silly, absurd, and unsubtle (as oppose to, say, Pixar’s “Wall-E”). However, I was at the right mind when I went to see this film. Which is to say that I was relaxed and expect nothing but laugh silly. I did, and for most, that is usually enough.

As a final note, there are several scenes where it was obviously made with a 3D visualization concept held in mind. Therefore, it is suggested that you see this film in 3D. As of myself, I was too cheapskate to pay twice the price of regular ticket to enjoy this film in 3D 😀

My rating: ** / **** I was entertained by Seth Rogen, actually. This dude always sound like he was stoned *all-the-time.* Therefore, a perfect perfect choice for Bob and he doesn’t even have to try to made Bob sounds like a slacker.