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race_to_witch_mountainDisney, Dwayne Johnson, PG. These three alone should give you more than enough ideas of what sort of film “Race to Witch Mountain” is going to be. With more plot-holes than Gatot Subroto street after a night rainstorm, interesting but overall weak premise, incompetent government agents, and typical action scenes, if one wish to enjoy this film, she has to feel entertained or at least, have enough scenes to keep her idle mind occupied. However, as it turns out, there are so few of interesting and entertaining elements in this film that made the aforementioned flaws kept coming to haunt me and eventually un-ignorable.

Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) are Aliens. They are crash landing near Nevada with a purpose. On their tails are Predator-like hunter sent out to kill them. They eventually met with Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson), a recovered-criminal cab driver in Texas. Apparently, even if these kids had limitless power that could easily halt the government agents that chases them, led by incompetent Henry Burke (Claran Hinds), they still need Jack’s assistance (who in turns seeks into Dr.Alex Friedmen (Carla Gugino) help, an UFO-obsessed astrophysicist) to drove them around Texas before heading out to the U.S. secret facility Area-51 style, Witch Mountain to retrieve their spacecraft. As an extra motivation, if these kids aren’t quick enough to hitch-back to their planet, their military is going to launch a military effort to invade and occupy Earth.

One question keep nagging me through the entire film and only gets louder as the time grows. The question was, why the hell do these kids need Jack in the first place? They don’t need him. Instead, the film suggested that these kids also need an ‘academic’ in form of Dr.Alex. Really, telekinetic, telepathy, molecular structure reform, indestructibility, these kids has more than enough arsenal to take on any military honcho on Earth or at least, ample of tricks to slipped away from the chase. Why do they have to waste their time on Jack? Of course, Dwayne Johnson is decidedly a easier name to sell than AnnaSophia Robb or Alexander Ludwig so, he’s there but even if I liked him (really, I *do* like him), like I said before, there’s not enough charisma that he could mustered to save me from a boredom to see this film.

My rating: * / **** Kids would love the eye candy and flashy visuals. Adults? Not so much. In fact, I’m going to say this. The *only* thing I could enjoy from this film is Dwayne Johnson. Consider this, if you like Dwayne Johnson, and given you have nothing better to do, try this film otherwise, you won’t missed a thing.