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proposalThe Proposal is one of those rom-com film which by reading its premise alone, you’ll know how the film is going to end. Therefore, the film is going to matter on how much you’re enjoying the journey to the end, and how much you care for the characters. On this note, I’m a fan of Ryan Reynolds and have been keeping an eyes on his resume. But on the other hand, I never had a fancy with Sandra Bullock and as it was, this film mostly deal with Ms.Bullock’s character and therefore, I wasn’t jumping up-and-down my seat and the film felt flat and off from what I had expected in the first place.

Margaret Tate (Ms.Bullock) is a head editor, a dedicated, hard-working boss everyone hates or perhaps more correctly, fears. She has an assistant, a secretary, if you will, and his name is Andrew (Mr.Reynolds). Apparently, he was so good, that Margaret kept him for three years. One day, Margaret found herself on a bit of problem with immigrant office. Her visa application was overruled and she has to be deported back to Canada and wouldn’t allowed to work in an U.S. company. She doesn’t like it, and on a whim she told her superior that she’s going to marry her assistant (features one of perhaps the funniest moment in the film). Thus, begin the quest for love.

As predicted, this film is formulaic, and on the whole, offers nothing really new to this genre. You put two most unlikely couple, put them on a certain situation where cupid is just flying in the corner ready to fire his love arrows, and eventually, hopefully, all ends well. Ms.Bullock and Mr.Reynolds are great pair on screen but, I’ve got very few scenes to impress me with their on-screen chemistry. Even so, these few scenes are pretty well executed and make me believe that there’s love blossoming somewhere between Margaret and Andrew. At least, I’m not cringed during the few final scenes.

Now you can’t talk about a rom-com without comedic scenes, absurd-slash-silly scenes in which existence is merely and purely for laugh. My problem with this film is that most of its comedic scenes involved Ms.Bullock, and even if I know that there are some viewers out there who could appreciate her for being her, I personally found these scenes’ effectiveness are utterly uneven. There is practically one comedic scene where I had to look away in embarrassment, but, there are also some scenes that are genuinely funny.

Of the cast, I’ve got little to complain, the ensemble are pretty solid even if they’re still a mile off away from brilliant. Now, I was starting to get impatient with Mr.Reynolds. As I told you, I was his fan. I genuinely liked him (the way I liked DiCaprio) during “The Nines”, “Adventureland”, and his brief stint as Deadpool but he needs to picked his role a bit more carefully because this is the second time I saw him obscuring his talent with his boyish look in a rom-com film (the other one being “Definitely, Maybe”). But hey, if you could *look* good, commanding even, on screen with Ms.Bullock who is *noticeably* ten years older and already past her prime to be a lead in a rom-com, then you’re genuinely good. I personally looking up for your next film, Mr.Reynolds.

My rating: ** / **** Well, if you seen the trailer, you don’t need to see anything else. I liked my rom-com dosage with as less saccharine as possible and this film have just the right amount of sugar. Alas, it’s nothing entirely special, and it’s rather forgettable. Owh, one more thing, a bit of advice, if you heard the name “Ramone” mentioned, quickly take a bathroom break or get some more pop corn at the snack bar.