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final_destinationWhat would you expect from a film called The Final Destination? A fourth in a series with similar name? What? You don’t know that series existed? Then, by all means, go to your spaceship and return to your planet. I, for one, knowing fully what to expect of this film before going in, only expecting to see a sick creativity from its creator in order to design an elaborate accidents that ended people’s puny lives in a way that is as sick or as gross as possible, and in the process lowering my expect-o-meter way way low, I’m still wondering when the film is going to end, cringed with each dialog, and left with nary an impression whatsoever. Even at 80-something minutes, the film felt long, dragging, and almost kill me (from boredom) with its yawn-inducing scenes.

A bunch of twenty-something boys and girls – names aren’t important – went into a car race, and, well, if you’ve seen, or at least have heard of the previous three films with similar title on its face, you’ll know exactly what to expect. A dude has a premonition, a tragic and deadly accident occurs, but it turns out that it’s only a vision, and then this dude awake, and dragging his friends and some ‘lucky’ souls to exit the scene before it actually happens. Only of course, to find out that Death has been pissed at them for ‘cheating’ him and decides to pick them one-by-one in the order they’re supposed to go. Four films, and it hasn’t changed its formula. And then again, why bother?

The best part of this film is the opening credit. No, not the accident at the race scene but rather the polygon-meshed meets X-Ray scene that accompanies the title and cast introductions. These polygon-meshes depicted some (if not all) of the death traps that has been featured in this series’ previous three films. It’s “best” because you know, it’s actually a guessing-game and there’s a certain level of involvement from the audience to guess which film of the series a particular scene belongs to. Now, if such scene become the best scene, you’d have guessed how the overall film rated by yours truly here. I give you a hint. It’s O.

The rest of the film is alternated between elaborate death trap designs, and some obligatory dialog to drive the ‘plot’ forward. The death trap designs, even if it does seems more deliberate and more carefully designed than the previous films, lack suspense. Terribly. Oh, the deaths are still nasty and over-the-top, but really, it’s because I don’t care about the characters, instead of grinning with anticipation, I felt flat and indifferent. I wasn’t ‘wowed’ or amused. Not even once. And the dialog? Oh, my, whatever it was that passed as dialog in this film, it’s merely an obligatory device to push the film forward. No passion, no emotion, might as well watching a boring news-anchor reading a teleprompter for a midnight news that *nobody* not even the camera-man cares. Instead, if you want to know what a cardboard acting really means, this is it. Arguably, because this is one “Final Destination” films, you might think that the dialog, the characterization, is largely unnecessary because what matters is the Death trap designs. But, damn, you just can’t ignore it. No, sir, however you wished to overlook it, you just simply can’t ignore something on this level of horrendousness.

All in all, this is the worst of the series. By far. Probably the film makers are more interested in bringing everything 3D. Moreover, this film could be well passed as one of those venue in the amusement park selling *only* its 3D capability, and not any of the other qualities that made a film a film. For the sake of discussion, I refused to watch this film in 3D because my experience in watching a film in 3D is not something that I would like to re-experience. My eyes felt like burning and I’m not comfortable in putting those plastic red-blue glasses on top of my own glasses at any given length of time. But hey, if you wish to experience this film in 3D, then by all means, do so. You might get a better experience in enjoying this film. In fact, I think 3D is the *only* reason you want to watch this film as it offers nothing, and absolutely nothing new in terms of regular film experience.

My rating: 0 / **** Sorry, even if I know full well that going into this film is merely for its death-trap designs, the flaws between the deaths are simply too huge to ignore. The death-traps aren’t really that good anyway. They’re over-the-top and even more, in some scenes, the effects felt half-done and fake. The only reason to see this film is perhaps its 3D gimmick. Don’t like 3D, or you have seen My Bloody Valentine in 3D and not really impressed with it? Don’t watch it. Save your money for the poor instead.