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ugly_truthThe Ugly Truth was no different than the million others rom-com in which the lead characters started off by hating and loathing each other but eventually found that elusive love in the end. So, why people keep coming? Me, included. At one point, even I was wondered why do I bother to coming to the film when I know exactly how the film is going to end. But then again, I’ve always been a kind of guy who cares more about the journey more than the destination.

Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a dedicated career woman. Her job came first, and her daily life almost leaves no room for men to mooned over her (read: a boring suit, and a hair tied as a bun). But, she’s still an attractive woman. I mean, hey, she is the only reason I watched Under Siege 2 reruns on TV but that’s another story. Even so, she still dreams of a dream man to sweep her off of her feet. However, when Mike (Gerard Butler) a certain TV host which the very purpose of his show is to debunked the very myth and the very dream similar to Abby’s. The dream she held high. As chance have it, the very network where Abby worked hires Mike and it doesn’t take a very long time for these two to built a rocky relationship.

I love this couple. Both Butler and Heigl are easy to watch and at times, they had more chemistry than any other couples in the similar film that I’ve seen this year. Plus, on the bright side, it has an actual moments where the film is actually funny and they weren’t too far off between as well. Although to be quite honest, there is a scene in which I don’t quite approve and hating myself because I love it (the vibrating underwear scene). But hey, that’s because I love Kath Heigl. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Further, this film features no clown characters whose existence are usually solely to elicit laughter by any means necessary sometimes with silly acts that bordering to disturbing and mostly annoying. For that, I was grateful. However, the film sometimes linger, and the ending was a bit dragging and has a bit more of saccharine to my liking. Even so, given the recent trend of rom-com themed film, this film stands clear as a winner. It should be noted that as I wrote this review, I haven’t seen “Adventureland” and “(500) Days of Summer.” Both apparently are critics’ favorite, but went to an indie route.

My rating: **1/2 / **** I was more than ready to name Katherine Heigl the current rom-com queen. With “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses” before this film, it should be easy to see why.