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whiteoutKate Beckinsale’s first scene in “Whiteout” is probably the first thing that comes to mind when – given you’ve seen the film – you hear this film gets mentioned. Now, Ms.Beckinsale is a very attractive woman, beautiful, and I don’t have to mention, sexy. Apparently, the maker of this film knows it very well and flaunt it to almost to a point where it gets dangerously close to exploitation. However, “Whiteout” has a potential and it has its moment during one of its conclusion scene. Yet, the film lingers after this scene and ends in a rather anti-climaxed way which gave it in overall, a forgettable film. Except, of course, perhaps, for Ms.Beckinsale’s first scene. Now *that* is what I called a lasting impression.

It’s Antarctica. One of the most extreme places on Earth. I cannot really imagine what it’s like living in a world where the thermostat read 65 celcius degree below zero. But, I had a serious suspicion that in this film, those harsh conditions were rather toned down. Scientific facts aside, Kate Beckinsale is a U.S. Marshall stationed in one of the science outpost in this area (of why they need a law enforcer paid by the good ole’ citizens’ tax money in such a remote place is rather beyond me). One day, when she prepares to quit her job and back to where the sun still shines, some snow-patrols spotted a dead-body in the middle of nowhere and a good law enforcer should investigate it a bit further even if it means the said officer would have to stay for another six months. We are led to believe that Ms.Beckinsale’s role is a good law enforcer. So there she was, with the help of the local doctor, an UN officer, and a local pilot, runs around the outposts in the Antarctica unveils the crime as the body count goes up, and a fifty years old Russian aircraft is found.

The problem I had with this film is that Dominic Sena flaunts Ms.Beckinsale’s assets a bit too much to my liking. Oh, she is easy on the eyes. That’s a no-brainer. But, I’ve always felt that Ms.Bickensale just really doesn’t have what it takes to command a lead. She is best at distracting a spotlight but when she *is* the spotlight, I just don’t feel it. And so there she was, during the first half of the film, tries so hard to be at the spotlight, to portrays a hard-working officer with a background she wishes to left behind. However, the more I saw her beautiful figure framed on the screen, the less I’m convinced. Plus, her screen partners are basically sub-par.

Also a problem was the pace. For me, the scenes fly by without any hint of importance or something worth remembering. They’re stale and doesn’t piqued my interest at all. I wasn’t very curious to what really happened, so, when the film reveals its secrets, I was left with a ‘meh.’

The film is not entirely without merit. I actually liked the final fight scene (that’s two scenes I liked from this film). It has enough tension and grip to keep me entertained after a long tedious hour that precedes it. Unfortunately, the film dwindles, pacing down, and went into a seemingly endless linger afterward.

Oh, and I hate the cuts. But it’s only my preference.

My rating: *1/2 / **** – It has a potential. However the film lingers too much, dragging its feet for like seemingly forever, explaining too much, yet revealing almost naught to keep the curiosity. Beckinsale is hardly had any help from her sub-par screen partners and a ‘meh’ ending that prompt me to shrug and mutter, “That’s it?,” Whiteout is ironically, cold.