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untitledMy first and foremost problem with 2012 that it was *at least* 120 minutes too long. Eliminate the entire plot about the end of the world, leave the cool part of blowing sights and sounds to wash the idle brain which would account for perhaps 30 minutes or so, and I’m just as willing to pay for ticket as I did today. Hey, that 120 minutes? I won’t get those back.

Do I have to gave a hint on what 2012 about? I’m pretty sure that every single soul in this planet that has spent at least two hours connected to the Internet on working days has a pretty good knowledge on the Mayan and it’s 2012 prophecy. For most of you out there, this reason alone would be more than enough to went into theater as evident as yesterday when I was surprised, shocked even that there are no tickets available for the entire evening on this film. Up to the last show. If anything, it proves how good the advertisement and marketing team sell this film. Good job, folks.

The plot, or at least, the resemblance of the plot was well, mostly ignorable. It began when scientists began to spot a record high on solar flare that began some physics reaction to the Earth’s core in 2009. Actions were swiftly taken by the nations, albeit secretly, to build a Noah’s Ark with only selected persons (think about political and who’s who in the chain of command) and those who would pay for lofty tickets (which are used to finance the project) are invited to board when the shit hit the fan. Apparently, the shit hits too soon. It’s 2012 and the morning when the Governator announces that the worst is over, the Earth’s core finally gave way.

I’m not a geologist, nor a physicist, and I only have a mild interest to astronomy (most of which attributed to the Arthur C. Clarke) but I found that the science base used on this film, if there’s any, is rather implausible. Can’t put my finger on what but it just felt … implausible. The film’s sole strength is undoubtedly the apocalyptic sequences and Mr.Emmerich knows how to do it and he has an ample experience to execute it. And it does. The child in me loves the drowning of Pasadena and the first few tsunamis. However, it has a tendency to went repetitive and I spent quite a lot of my remaining time to tries to fend off the boredom.

How was the character, you ask? Well, beside Chiwetel Ejiofor and to some extent, Woody Harreldson, both of whom I gave a solemn and silent condemn for participating in this B-film, you could really replace anyone from this film with random people you see in the street who would *constantly* look into the camera form bewilderment or puzzlement and you won’t notice the difference. John Cusack? I’m very sorry sir, but in my book, your brooding charm at High Fidelity remains the best and only performance of yours that I really liked. But who cared about them, anyway? It’s a film made by a kid who refuses to grow up and if anything, it delights the kid in everyone. The first act (setup) is ignorable, but the second act is interesting, I would even put the word ‘gripping’ on it during the first few scenes, and the third act, for me, falls away completely. Sure, you could argue me by saying, “Oh, come on, dude, it’s only a film, shut up, sit back, eat that pop-corn and *enjoy*” Oh, I could do that, but really, the film gave away too many idle time with uninteresting scenes enough to let the contemplating part of me kicked back in.

The film is going to have a good word from the masses, that is no doubt, and judging by the popularity (I arrived at the theater before noon, which normally deserted, but today it was so crowded even at the time) the figures won’t disappoint as well, at least in the first week. For me, I went into film expecting a visual treat. Oh, I did, but the film also has 120 minutes extra of ‘plot’ which fails spectacularly according to my standard.

My rating: */**** Apocalyptic-porn at its best? No doubt. Even so, I’ve always preferred the post-apolacyptic world than the apocalyptic world itself. The hint of apocalypse long forgotten leaves me a more freedom to recreate the apocalypse itself in my mind and that is by far, a much more interesting and rewarding experience than the whole of this film.