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h_two_ver4In my defense, the last two weeks has been pretty rough for me, so I decided to wind down with whatever the theater has to offer. Let’s just say that “Halloween II” happens to be one of the new films that I haven’t seen yet at the theater. In a normal circumstances, I wouldn’t even consider this film into account.

That being said, the film actually has a start that I really like. With overzealous shots on brutality, it’s what you would’ve called a torture-porn except that Myers doesn’t really have a method but a primal one and uncomplicated execution (read: multiple stabs, slashes, and somewhere in between) that at the first few scenes gave an effective scare albeit old-fashioned. However, the scenes ended in the *worst* way possible, and right from there until the very end, it goes ever downhill and never ever regains its footing.

I’d like to think myself of giving Rob Zombie the benefits of the doubts. Even if I can’t comprehend his direction in remaking Halloween a couple of year ago, I’ve heard that he’s going with his own vision in making the sequel. This film who isn’t necessarily a remake of its original sequel. Now, beyond the leather mask and the name, I have no idea on the myth that surrounds Michael Myers. But I’m quite certain that Rob Zombie’s decision in retelling the myth shown in this film is something that the fans (if there’s any) wouldn’t be so eager to accept. Plus, they still have to endure the film before arriving to the conclusion and more or less, it will certainly going to affect the overall verdict. In a negative way, I’m sure.

Michael Myers is back out again and in his wake, the killing spreads and body counts piled high. That’s all you need to know about this film. You see someone identified himself only as “Buddy” and he’s dead within minutes. Someone flashes her tits and she’s dead at the next scene. Heck, someone trying to relieve himself from a bladder and he’s dead while doing so. Meanwhile, some girls are busy partying and belly dancing, some cops are out smoking at the balcony instead of doing some city patrol, and some other guys are doing God (and Rob Zombie) knows what. Somehow, these people are bought together in a convenience place where .. drum rolls, please .. the film ends.

Let me underscored again on the fact. I liked the first act. It’s brutal and even if its scare tricks are pretty obvious (you know he’s coming whenever a character gets a close-up shot or occupies most of the unobstructed area on the screen), some of it are effective. Even if it’s merely due for an old-school appears-out-of-nowhere and sudden-blaring-soundeffects scare tactics. However, when Rob decides to end the scene in the *worst* possible way, I was sorely disappointed and the rest of the film did nothing to improve my disappointment.

The rest of the film was merely repetition on the first act and Myers’ methods of killing rarely varied. Added with terrible useless plots, flat-out unimportant mythical elements, and unsympathetic characters, I was quickly bored almost dead because of it, and wished nothing more than an end credit. This film is probably the second film I’ve seen in the year 2009 that made me almost wanted to simply walk out of the theater. Yeah, it was *that* bad. Not even so bad it’s good, Bruce Campbell style, it was just plain plain bad.

My rating: 1/2 / **** The half rating is from my somewhat enjoyment of the first act.