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avatarIf you’ve never heard of this film prior this weekend, then, it’s either that one, you’re too enamored with your real life that you hadn’t had time to get acquainted with this little thing called the Internet, which is I believe, a congratulation is due, and I’m being sincere about it, as well, or two, you just didn’t like movies. Either way, I believe that Avatar, or more properly James Cameron’s Avatar to distinguish the film with another Avatar, is surely going to be a talk of the week if you’re happened to talk about movies and films in general.

Story wise, the plot that made this film is clearly established from its trailer. You seen the trailer? You’d have a pretty good guess on how the story would unravels, and nothing much. Visual splendor wise, James Cameron has been said to “changing the way we make movies” for only with the help of expensive technologies that he could realize his visions. I was lukewarm with the claim. Not outward disagree but rather reluctant to agree as well. In my impression, one thing stands clear. “Avatar”‘s third act is awesome. The trailer doesn’t do justice.

It’s 2154, it’s Pandora, a magnificent jungle world that host a valuable mineral properly named “unobtanium.” Corporations wanted it, and the military led the way. The local inhabitant of Pandora, the 10-foot blue skinned bipedal creature called Na’vi resides in one of the area that host the most of these minerals. Therefore, it is for the best interest of the corporation that the Na’vi relocates but of course, if the Na’vi went relocated peacefully, there won’t be a story 150 minutes long to tell, won’t it?

Pandora glittered with beautiful colors. Detailed attentions were given to each creatures, foliages, and everything in between. It’s a fantastic effort and no such feat could come from a less dedicated and less perfectionist director and team than James Cameron and his crew. It should come as no surprise if he was named as one of the best director for the year. Aside from these spectacular visual treats (it should be noted, however, that as an avid fantasy gamer, I was perhaps a bit less marveled than the general masses), the story aspect is also quite engaging most of the time. You’ve got your usual bad guy who’d you want nothing but a bad thing happened to him, you’ve got your usual industrial big honcho who cared nothing but wealth, and your usual good guys, clearly stand in the white, even if the script wanted them, or at least, implied them to stand in the grey at one point. For all that, the film delivers. I’m more than willing to bet where your loyalties are after the first two acts of the film and that is where the film wanted yours to be. The conveyed message was also worthy to note in its subtlety.

All in all, the film would definitely be put into a milestone or at least a prominent example in the history of film years after today. Even though I found it a bit too overlong, especially during the first two acts, the excitement level of the third act is almost enough to overcome the fatigue. But that’s just me, I’m a hard man to please, and most of my friends said that my taste is an extreme deviation to the average people. I’d say, for most of people who wanted to look for an entertainment, this film is perhaps going to be one of those that provides the highest level of it for the whole year. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime today or tomorrow, my social network pages are littered with the likes of “Avatar is the best film of 2009.”

My rating: *** / **** Beautiful colors, detailed world, James Cameron attention to even the smallest details is utterly commendable and the third act, I wouldn’t hesitate to watch it again in all its glory even though I would’ve think twice to watch the whole of the film again for the time being.