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sherlock_holmes_ver5I think it’s a fair assumption that if you are familiar with any two of these names, Irene Adler, Mycroft, and Moriarty, and not just merely in names, you’ll find plenty amusing easter eggs in this presumably original title based on the Sherlock Holmes’ universe as wrought by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, as much as I wanted to like this film, and I *do* liked this film, for if I had been asked to envision the Holmes’ universe, this one from Guy Ritchie, hits pretty close to home, but I fear that those who knew Holmes only by name would mostly felt disjointed and confused.

First of all, Sherlock Holmes has been known to bare-knuckled boxing, fencing, and violist from his numerous written fictions. So, if you say that Mr.Ritchie’s Holmes is unfaithful, I’d advised you to go ahead and read the book before making any further comments. My suggestion, “A Study in Scarlett,” in which Holmes met Dr.Watson for the first time.

The events in “Sherlock Holmes” should be happened during the later years, when Dr.Watson moved out from Baker Street for marriage. They were in the middle of a case which apparently involves some kind of a black magic cult. The main culprit was apprehended, sentenced for hanging, and Dr.Watson himself pronounced the death. But is it the end of the case? Well, dunno, but a woman appears, she proposed a case for a missing person, and of course, our sympathetic hero and his venerable sidekick found themselves in peril situations, while they were chasing the hot trails of the case across the city of London.

I would use the word “fun” and “energetic” for the whole of the film. It was fun, as in to see a character I was so enamored when I was still a boy came to fruition and brought in with quite a performance by Robert Downey Jr. added to that, the character I’ve been so used to imagined as myself was also played with significant performance by Jude Law with a chemistry which in my opinion, was so enjoyable to watch. Energetic in a way when Ritchie shown us the proceeding of Holmes’ physical deduction in his mind before he actually went into action. However, he did it only on two occasions, while I wanted for more. Well, you couldn’t always have what you want.

Overall, if you’re a fan, or at least familiar with two of the three names I mentioned up above, you’re most likely going to like this film more than an average movie-goers. I was smiling with the mention of Holmes’ prodigious brother, I was beaming with anticipation when Holmes saw a hanky with the letters IA embroidered on it, and of course, I was gasping with the mention of a name that won’t even get noticed by a non-fan. This film is more like a fan-service and I, though I won’t considered myself as an obsessive fan, I’ve read most, if not all of Holmes’ stories, liked every bit of it. However, I have a warranted suspicion that my wife only manages to stay awake due to the Downey Jr and Law factor. That should at least give you a hint on where you’re going to stand given your prior knowledge on Holmes’ universe.

My rating: *** / **** I love it, but hey, I’m more familiar with the material than most average people. You’re an average? Then beware, as in the book, we won’t know the tiny details that make or break the case until Holmes sit with us beside the fireplace and explains them and at more than two hours, the wait just might be unbearable for the least patient audiences.