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What a waste of talent. Paul Bettany, and ultimately, Kevin Durand, plus bunch of other not-so-terrible known actors and actresses are crowding this film, which is often loud, often reminding me much of “Dawn of the Dead” with possessed humans rather than zombies, and an out-of-nowhere diner rather than a mall, but without much of excitement, and a conversation filler that aims for a melodrama but instead yawn inducing and downright cliché.

Paul Bettany is Michael, an angel who rebels against His order to restore the faith of His creation, by wiping out the mankind. Michael, instead, throwing his angelic symbols, and do what he thinks best and save the life of a particular unborn baby, which somehow is a key to the salvation of the human race. He went against God’s army that possessed human in order to protect what he believes so.

Looks like a heavy material for a film but I really think that the plot is merely an excuse for the characters to huddle up in an out-of-nowhere diner, hands on a trigger, and close up shots to a clutter of bullets on the floor to give a false impression that the legion surrounds them are legion in numbers but instead, I felt that the threat was often exaggerated and even non-existent. In between the “supposed” actions, there are several one-on-one conversations between the characters. Sometime, these conversations involves a bit of tear streaming down one’s cheek though for what reason, I couldn’t really fathom, maybe I’m just too insensitive but these attempts at melodrama left me constantly checking my watch and shifting in my seat uncomfortably.

This film portrays angels as probably described in a holy book with recognizable names such as Michael, and Gabriel, even mentioned a bit of reference to God here and there. However, it should be noted that the religious aspect, is almost none to be found here but an excuse for an angel-fu fighting at the end and probably a “cool” factor of machine guns wielder angels in the mind of its scribers and really, I still don’t get the reasoning behind the turn of event that had happened during the final act. Ah, well, no use in beating a dead cat, move on.

My rating: *1/2 / **** This film actually has a solid cast. Especially Kevin Durand who has only a minimal amount of screen time delivering a wounded angel, Gabriel. Other than him, there are names and faces that most film goers could easily recognized. But, of course, if you want to watch an action film with similar setting yet with a much more excitement, rent Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” instead.