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I had to give Jackie Chan a credit for showing this much of enthusiasm (as evident at his usual outtake reels at the end credit) in a film this lazy. In story, in execution, and well, in almost anything.

Bob Ho (Chan) is an CIA agent on his last job before retiring. The reason of his retirement? His neighbor, a single mother of three children who he has been dating for the last three months. Seems implausible, but Bob wants to take their relationship to the next level which goes without saying that the children is going to an extra length to break the couple. Even if there’s an extra layer of stereotyped Russian mobs chasing Bob, the film goes and went by to an expected ending. Lazily.

I grow up watching Jackie Chan in his prime when he is still a staple of Hong Kong cinema. Project A, Drunken Master, to name a few. Although his films rarely hits home, there is definitely something to like, something to commend, even, to his dedication in providing an enthusiastic performance. He’s not getting younger, that is evident. While in the past he did most, if not all of his stunts without double, in this film, his stunts double is clearly visible which make me real sad because the film didn’t try as hard as it should be to at least, didn’t make Chan’s stunt double this much obvious. Lazy filmmaking.

The plot itself, well, in this kind of film, I usually gave an automatic two stars rating because you get what you expect from the title. It goes without saying that Bob is going to spent most of his time, by first, tried to impress and befriend the children and later, tried to keep the kids from harm and danger imposed from the *stereotyped* Russian mobs. In the first part, Bob went to various form of humiliations and in the second part, it’s the *stereotyped* Russian mobs turns who went to various form of humiliations. These humiliations, while funny at times, did nothing but shows that the scribers of this film are lazy and digging from the old playbook of humiliation by kids as could only be seen in a film, instead. Lazy.

By default, I don’t like kid actors. Oh, sure, they’re cute when they’re cute. I mean, it’s natural for kids to be cute. But, put them into a shoe that largely implausible for kids, unless you had a very talented kid destined to be a great actor, in the future, you’ll have a hard time adjusting to this kid. My problem is always the smart-ass kid, and the script required one of the kid to be a smart-ass and for me, it’s a painful experience to see him every single time. Another problem is the youngest kid. She’s cute as hell, that is without a doubt, but she always seems to forget that she was in a film. She looks distracted and out of focus that at times, even her cuteness can’t help. As for the rest of the cast, well, a combination between sad and terrible which is never good.

My rating: 1/2 / **** The half rating goes for Mr.Chan for still showing an enthusiasm even in this level of mediocrity in a film.