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Despite all of its beautiful design, creatures, and perhaps a little peek into the rich, and supposedly gloomy imagination of Tim Burton, I was, in overall, underwhelmed by the film. It was more a Disney film than a Burton film, and its strong casts were mostly bland and forgettable.

Alice returned to the Wonderland and reunites with her childhood’s friends and foes. I’m not sure how many parts from the original work were altered in the film, for I’m not entirely familiar with the book. Even so, I’m quite certain that this film is somewhat a sequel from the original. It was Alice, almost in her twenties, back again through the rabbit hole to Wonderland, suggesting she had visited it before, and sides with White Queen to confront and dethrone the evil Red Queen.

The film is beautiful and vibrant with colors. But not most of the time. Despite of me saying that this film is more a Disney film than a Burton film, it’s still a Burton film, and sometimes the gloomy colors that was typical of his seeps through and when it does, it’s rather inevitable to ask whether we’re truly in Wonderland or that the title should be changed into a Gloomland instead.

Not that film wasn’t fun, or a terrible one. Cheshire Cat is far less formidable than it was in the trailer, and well, basically because I *love* cats, I often missed his dismissal off the screen. Anne Hathaway is pleasant to watch, and her contradictory gestures inviting a heartily laugh from yours truly here. At least she was having fun. But mostly, that was it. Sometime during the film, I felt an inexplicable boredom, the Red Queen doesn’t strikes me as extraordinary, and so was the rest of casts that were seemingly come and goes like a wind. And finally, I found that Jhonny Depp is rather disappointing for he merely channels whatever energy he has left from Capt. Sparrow’s persona. In that sense, despite his good efforts, this role of his wasn’t going into my history book as one of his better or memorable performances. Nor was this, his seventh collaboration with Tim Burton.

But, my main problem, and of why I’m not enjoying this film as much as I had expected to, is the title character herself. Alice as portrayed by Mia Wasikowska. Oh, she’s beautiful, easy on the eyes my mother used to say, but she’s just not convincing enough for me and times when she was mulling over her choice, or leading the scene? That’s when my boredom usually starts to strike me off guard. All in all, the film was an okay one, I’d say hardly anyone going to be wowed by its technical aspects. Well, at least not going to be anywhere near a level where Avatar was last year. And, bear in mind that the 3D stuffs were only applied afterward. So, it might not worth the money you spent to enjoy this film in 3D. Especially if you’re like me, thinking that 3D is not going to change the fundamentals of film making, at least yet, and more of a gimmick than a feature.

My rating: ** / **** I’m enjoying Cheshire Cat, and the White Queen. They both have a limited screen time, but they steal the scene every time.