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The film’s strength is clearly lies on its high concept, mind-bending sci-fi theme, cloaked with embellishing set pieces, and delivered with such adept narrative from among the best story-teller out there, Christopher Nolan. To an attentive viewer, despite its length, this film is ever engaging and should be entertaining and ultimately rewarding to a curious mind. And contrary to popular beliefs, the film is relatively linear and is not hard to follow at all. All it asks was your attention. For 148 minutes. I dare to say this, that if, at the end of the film you’re frustrated because you don’t get its head and tail, then sorry, perhaps you should consider another hobby. Gardening, perhaps?

It is a pleasant departure from what we have as usual blockbusters that merely satisfies the eyes and ears. Thus, I gave this film my first four star rating, and a clear choice for the best film of 2010 so far.

I believe in the notion that the less you know about this film, the better it would be. Leonardo DiCaprio is Cobb, the leader of the small group, each with their own expertise, in an elaborate heist against Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy), a newly crowned conglomerate mogul. But rather than taking something, the group was sent to put something or with the word from the film, to do an “Inception,” planting an idea into Fischer’s subconscious mind, through dream.

What I liked, no, what I *really* liked from the film is, obviously its narrating. I was so enamored by it that at the end of the film, the element was seemingly overshadowed its heavy weight casts. Though when I stopped to think about it, the actors were in fact so good that they compliment the narration, and accentuates the good that came out of it. Had, say, the role of Cobb portrayed by a lesser actor, I wouldn’t had as enamored as I was of now. My only problem, if I want to do a nitpicking, with the whole casts was Marion Cotillard and this film added one more of her ploy in English speaking role that didn’t quite swept me off of my feet like the one she did as Edith Piaf (though one of her songs was used extensively in this film and that bought a smile to my face). As well as Ken Watanabe who was well, had tried his best to deliver his English lines but without much of a success.

Leonardo DiCaprio, as usual, delivers once again as a wounded leader, traversing between reality and illusion as he did in “Shutter Island.” I needn’t comment on his performance. Been his fan since “Gangs of New York” and any comment I made on his behalf would definitely going to be biased. Joseph-Gordon Levitt acts as his anchor, and I really think that he is one of the promising actor to watch in the future. He could keep up with DiCaprio and has this ultra-cool action sequence during the second act. I am also pleasantly surprised with no-nonsense Tom Hardy in his role.

Now, Ellen Page’s character is one to watch. At least in the term of narrating story concerned. She was the new recruit of the group and through her character, we learn about the nature of the group’s works, rules, and so forth. If I’m allowed to make a suggestion, *do not* leave your seat (and paid a full attention) for any reason during her earlier scenes. Heck, *do not* leave your seat at all during the whole film.

Visual treat wise, this film also has much to offer and pleases casual moviegoers. As an action/adventure film, for me, this film reaches its most exciting scenes during its final second act where action sequences taking places in different level of reality planes. It ties perfectly, shifting between reality planes in a manner where you perched at the edge of the seat to see what Nolan has to offer. The scenes, in my eyes’ view, weren’t heavily laden with CGI effects that tries to convolute the screen with explosions and what not in order to emulate the excitement. The scenes were more subtle and tightly related to the story and serves more as a compliment rather than a main course. Contrary to most recent action blockbuster out there.

All in all, in the year where I think the good films were too few and too far between, “Inception” proves that there are actually talented people out there who chose not to play safe and dare themselves with a challenge. Of course, Nolan has been given some free financial reign due to his previous successes and with that he could make a film on this level which in turns, make us, a bit more happier and more looking forward for our next outing to the theater. So, everybody wins and look what we’ve got here. As far as 2010 concerned, this film is a landmark.

My rating: **** / **** I had a wee-bit problem with Marion Cotillard and still hasn’t found a foreign actor who could tackle an English speaking role flawlessly, but despite all that, with high-calibre names serves to an ambitious idea, in the hand of an adept, one of the best, probably the best itself story-teller in the market, you really expect I would give less than four stars? A little caveat though, the film actually requires the intellect to be enjoyed. But that won’t be a problem, right? Right?