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In Hollywood, animated films has been tried to please both its targeted core audiences and its parents alike for quite a while. Though I still can’t remember when was the last time I see such quality animation in the line of “Akira” or “Persepolis” which intended for adult audiences that coming from Hollywood, I think we are heading for the right track. However, as of now, there is yet an animated film which could blend these two audiences’ requirement as magnificent as Pixar did but mind you, the others are catching up. Fast. In a year of yet another good year for animated films, “Megamind” pleases as a light entertaining for the whole family and still carry stories that doesn’t made parents and adults dozed off in their chair. Fun, entertaining, and not a bore which for most, a sufficient ingredients for a good film.

You see “Megamind,” you’ll remember “Superman.” Similar origin story, similar city, similar superhero quality and build, and there’s sort-of Lois Lane and sort-of Jimmy Olsen crowded in as well. What really different is how “Megamind” portrayed its Superman vs. Lex Luthor. Theirs are the battle of wits as well as battle of powers that apparently had its own unofficial ‘Good-vs-Evil’ rule book to adhere and while Superman/Lex Luthor took their respective games/battles seriously, Metroman/Megamind, as they were called in this film, took their respective games in a sort-of light hearted way. Both Metroman and Megamind are like children coming at play but when the dusk came, they bid their friendly farewells, with a promise to play again in the morrow.

Obviously, the above passage doesn’t really tell much about the film and I suggest you to see the film yourself. Children will find it amusing, and parents/adults will have some enjoyment or full enjoyment if you were into 80s music, enamored its numerous Superman references (including Marlon Brando), and noticed its Donkey Kong reference. The men behind this film are having fun, and we’re having fun as me and my wife both laugh almost constantly. As a pure entertainment, this film is gold.

The voice works are also good but nothing really spectacular. I almost mistaken Brad Pitt with George Clooney, as they are both sounded more and more alike as the years go by. Tina Fey and Jonah Hill are easy to spot. Heck, even my wife could spot Jonah Hill easily even if she doesn’t know his real name. But the real star is Will Ferrell whom I think is among the best comedian out there (way above Adam Sandler, if you must know). He gave Megamind a likeable personality and when he pulled the Marlon Brando stint, it reminds me a lot to his best work so far in “Anchorman” and that is a good thing.

In short, in a year of a good animated films, “Megamind” pulls the standard that if we were to take it purely at its entertaining value, it was good. But nothing more. It doesn’t break the heart (my heart) to pieces the way “Toy Story 3” goes, nor was it as polished as “How To Train Your Dragon,” and I had to put “Despicable Me” with a slight advantage for I am hopelessly in love with the Minions. But this film, so far, is good enough to become my number four animated films of the year.

My rating: **1/2 / **** The story isn’t something that would caught you off balance as they are exactly the way you had expected it to be. Love the music choices, but what really amuses me was its numerous Superman references and I had doubled over on the floor laughing when I spotted Donkey Kong reference. Taken on its entertainment value, this film is gold. And that’s pretty much it.