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I was devastated. There I was hoping that I’d at least had an experience similar to one I had during “Cloverfield” in 2008. Granted, it did nothing than piled an expectation that shouldn’t be there in the first place but I just can’t helped it. THe result was utterly devastating. The film was underwhelmed, with dull characters that I cared nothing about, and cheap special effects that at best, a mediocre effort. It’s been a long while after “The Last Airbender” that I was prompted, at so many times, to just pack up my things and leave the theater. It was that bad.

The film was actually off with a promising start. We see the city night’s view, skyscrapers and all, and then this blue orb of light descended from the sky, almost gracefully, and not just one. Then we get acquainted with our main characters. We saw the effect of the blue light on them. It was a good start, but I can’t help but feeling a pang of warning because the way camera took pictures and everything can’t quite capture the excitement. The film then begins its missteps by flashback to fifteen hours earlier and tried to get us to the character’s side. Alas, it goes nowhere but down from there. One of the aerial battle wasn’t too shabby, but that’s it. And that final scene? It’s like rubbing salt on an open wound.

This film was not meant for a big screen consumption. It is at best, a made for TV film. I mean, the level of destruction that the film suggested was nowhere near the way I had expected from an invasion at this scale. It was apocalypse in a making, and I see more soldiers and uniformed non-civilian during Mr.Obama visits to Jakarta last week. But that being cast aside, the air was too clear, and the color was too normal to suggest anything more than a pleasant evening at the beach had happened. Therefore when the camera slows down as we see our protagonists flee for life, I’m not feeling anything. It would’ve been better if I had wished one of them to actually making a sensible decision. But no, these people are simply props almost as unimportant as the alien ships and monsters props that littered this film. If you can’t afford to go all out (a la “2012”, or “Transformers”), it’s far better to take the less is more road but the Brothers Strause wanted more and the end result was, well, gaping flaws that you must’ve been blind to not notice. No offense.

All in all, it’s a cool concept, I’d always had a soft-spot for an apocalypse film but not even that soft-spot manages to made my time sitting during this film bearable. Thus, this film affirming the reputation of the Brothers Strause as a film-maker. Next time I see their names on the film, I’d do more looksies on the Internet before plunging blindly into it.

My rating: 1/2 / **** – A for effort, F++ for execution. I dare you. If you happened to see this film, which I’m totally against, tell me you liked it. Meanwhile, I’m going to prepare my witty sarcasms, insults, ironies, and any of the likes should you did just that.