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The power of narration. Within any medium of story-telling, books, movies, whatever, the narration had so much power that it could drive you to accept the direction of the story, whilst completely ignoring the moral values established by our society. Take this film for an instance. “Takers” deliberately took its perspective from the “bad” guys and doing so, make the real “good” guys become a nuisance because we – well at least I – were rooting for the “bad” guys to emerge victorious. On that level, this film works well. It has a solid pace that even when the film is slowing down, we’re rarely get bored and the plot was fluid enough to allow the curiouser mind to start over-analyzing things. All in all, while overall the film was relatively unremarkable, it was a solid entertainment. Fans of heist film? I see no reason for you to not liking this film.

“Takers” takes on five guys who once in a year planned and meticulously executed a bank heist. They were portrayed as cool and nice bunch of guys that we couldn’t help but rooting for them even if what they did was essentially, illegal and not to mention, wrong. However, that was the power of narration. Meanwhile, there are also two police officers, a former team mate of the five guys and a bunch of Russian mafia thrown into the mix. We know that the film will eventually turns ugly and it does. And while there are bits when the film was a bit overdone (the slow-mo and orchestra thingies, to be specific), it works quite well that me and my wife couldn’t help ourselves but enjoying the experience. The end was a bit grim, though, and felt a bit undone but it was fun nonetheless.

While the film itself was unremarkable, the film made a good use of its actors. Paul Walker in his usual suave and charming way, nothing really special there, it was a far cry from his best role in “Running Scared” but fell in line with his usual stuffs which enough for this kind of film. Matt Dillon invested himself in a broken and grim police officer and he was naturally good at it but again, fell under the radar. The rest of the cast, well, they’re there for the sake of being there. Although, Hayden Christensen will surely gets an attention and Chris Brown during his brief stunts which in my opinion, was surprising given his background.

Unfortunately, each characters were given enough sub-plot to fill the extra minutes. I counted at least four sub-plots and each wasn’t interesting enough to give a welcome diversion from what we wanted to see from the film. Given that this film was essentially a heist film, the only thing that I wanted to see was of course, the heist itself. How the plan was conceived, how it went wrong, and how the gang manages to made a work-around of it. The heist itself was a so-so. Not great, but not disappointing as well. Probably because I hadn’t had a high expectation to this film in the first place, anyway.

All in all, it was a pleasant excursion. Solid pace, and interesting enough plot device to keep your attention hooked. The power of its narration made you inevitably rooting for the “bad” guys. Fortunately, there’s a single antagonist figure to point all your hatred to.

My rating: **1/2 / **** If you’re going to it with a fairly low expectation, you’ll get a pleasant time. Totally unremarkable, but interesting enough to keep you away from cursing and hating everything.