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When it comes to movies, my mind subconsciously treated the adjective “Fast” with derogatory manners. Thanks to Paul Walker. Therefore, initially, I’ve already had a misconception on this film before even I started to gets the whiff of it. Granted, the film isn’t half bad, but the title itself, is a misleading one. Once I got passed the tug of my subconscious mind against the word “Fast,” I had expected a non-stop, wall-breaking action sequences. Let’s say, perhaps, just like “Crank.” Well, it’s not. Overall, it was still an entertaining revenge flick but fell a bit short to the expectation which fairly low at first to begin with.

Dwayne Johnson, who had dropped his wrestling moniker a long time ago, is given a subtitle “Driver.” He was out from prison, and he went for a hunt. That was the gist of it. It is a simple and fairly straightforward revenge flick. I would’ve liked it even more if the film didn’t ploy on the background story even if its told within the current timeframe of the film (i.e. only a small amount of time was spent to *actually* narrate the past). Beside “Driver,” the film introduces two more characters, “Cop” and “Killer,” and unfortunately, it tries to develop these characters simultaneously with “Driver” as well. Most would probably appreciate it, but I’m ever slightly more favorable to a simpler approach if it comes to film. Less is more. That’s my religion on films.

Mr.Johnson is by far, the most successful pro-westler turned actor. That’s not saying much, obviously but in “Faster,” he channels what he did best, and what he should be doing all this time notwithstanding those family-friendly comedies (I haven’t seen “Tooth Fairy” nor that I have an intention to), cold, intense, unforgiving, and less dialog. It’s an effective performance. Heck, dare I say, his best? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but he was built as an action star and as far as exaggerated dramatic world of fiction went, this is here what an action star should be doing.

As I’ve mentioned, the film concentrates on three characters. Developing them as they went. Although it should be noted that acting-wise they weren’t that bad, no, they were actually halfway decent, but all they did was merely slowing down the needed pace to which I had came to a conclusion that this film’s title is a misleading one. Billy Bob Thornton gave its best human complexity to “Cop” character with a slightly uneven result but otherwise, decent. The “Killer” character is a bit more interesting, but it took me a little while to finally appreciate his depth. Oliver Jackson-Cohen is probably at fault here, for I can’t put myself to immediately interested in his character although it merely my personal opinion.

The rest of the cast were lift off from TV shows. At least two were from “Lost,” and one was from “Dexter.” All in all, it’s a pretty entertaining flick even if it could’ve been better with less sub-plots and more kick-ass, tongue-in-cheek actions.

My rating: ** / **** – Unless you’re Quentin Tarantino, I’m in an opinion where revenge flick should be delivered cold, uncompromising and less sub-plots. This film, however entertaining as it is, has more sub-plots to my liking and I’m not a fan of its ending choice.