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Typically, European films that I’ve seen are usually slow, quiet, and never explains more than it is necessary. Which is why I love (most of) it. In that respect, “The American” is every bit an European film and George Clooney, who co-produced this film and played as Jack/Edward shown that he’s a good actor who are more willing to take on more challenging, non-safe roles. Oh yeah, one more thing of why I love European films. The women are gorgeous, and they’re far more comfortable to be in front of camera, clad only in their birthday suit.

The first scene from “The American” is crucial. It acts as an introduction to George Clooney’s character who was a far off from his usual suave style we all used to know. As Jack/Edward, he was haggard, drawn, and a bit paranoid. I’ll restrain myself so as not to tell anything else. All you need to know is that his character was in hiding on a small town in Italy where he was about to do his final assignment. While maintaining his confinement from whoever pursuing him, he made an acquaintance with the local priest and opened his heart for a local girl knowing full well that when the shit hits the fan, he would endangered their lives.

I love this film. A typical European film with a beautiful stylish framed shot and a sense of brooding from each and every take. The actions were kept to minimal, as well as the dialogs, but really, who needs them anyway? Sometime, less is more and even with the absence of loud noises and high-speed chases and parkour-ish rooftop sprint, this film manages to get me on the edge of my seat.

George Clooney is the only big name on this film. The rest was probably European but they were equally adept in bringing the film to its value. Especially the boss character, and the love interest character. Like I’ve said earlier, the European women are gorgeous and both the women on this film is simply ravishing. The film’s plot is character driven rather than story driven as it never actually revealed about the nature of Jack/Edward’s profession, or assignment or whatever his boss was doing. Therefore in order to appreciate the film, you should need to appreciate the characters. Thus, my point in pointing that the first scene is crucial. The chain of events, the conclusions, were rather straightforward. The main course of this film was how we see Jack/Edward’s character trying to fill the void in his of which we could only guessed. Your interpretation and mine would and should be different although I don’t think that it would be a far off in variance. Therefore, in conclusion, if you approach this film knowing full well about it, you’ll get out of your seat elevated. Figuratively and literally.

*one of my favorite shot from the film.

My rating: *** / **** – Love this film. It’s European influences were prevalent. From the settings, the framed shots, the quietness and slow leisure pace, it’s all screams European. Definitely not mainstream, but beautiful and rewarding nonetheless. Oh, and I love the ladies. Really do. Sexy. Sensual. Mmm…