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Here’s the thing. Angelina Jolie is majestic. Gorgeously regal. Her every whisk, every brisk, every pouted lip, every longing stare, every steps, every seconds of her presence in this otherwise mediocre film was one of the only two thing that kept me glued on screen. That, and picture perfect Venice as the backdrop of this film. The film itself was, for lack of better words, ridiculous. There are numerous things that doesn’t make any sense with this film that I felt the conclusion was, what? Forced? Shoved in our throat for it is undesirable chunk of puke? Not that the conclusion was surprising, you’ll see it coming many miles away, but heck, it was disappointing. And to think that this film was nominated for Golden Globe as Best Comedy? I’ve lost my faith in humanity.

The desirable Ms.Jolie was Elise. She was in Paris, with a constant tail from the Interpol. She was apparently linked to one notorious Alexander Pearce and the Interpol would love to comprehend him, along with million poundsterlings he supposedly owed. One particular day, Elise received a note from Alexander that tells her to board a train to Venice and pick someone his size to throw the trails off her tail. This is where she picked out, and met Frank (Jhonny Depp), “The Tourist” from America on his way to Venice for a vacation.

One of my biggest problem with this film is to supposedly believe that there’s something going on between Frank and Elise. I’m not buying it. There’s no spark between the two and as the result, it would take much more for me to believe that the film should going where it would be going. To their credit, Jhonny Depp tries to bring his gape and swagger to this film. Sometimes it was effective, most times don’t. I can’t understand why he gets nominated for Golden Globe for the role. Angelina Jolie also tries to keep up with the film even if to my mind’s eye, she apparently doesn’t have her heart fully committed in it. Paul Bettany is as usual, good, as far as the film warrant him to be and Timothy Dalton is still looks amazing. Pity he only has one film as the double-ow agent.

Apart from that, the film’s panoramic views, when it was daylight, was beautiful. Almost make me forget about the uncomfortable moment when the film supposedly depicted the spark between our leading actor/actress. I mean, really, I don’t feel anything. Not a spark, not an excitement, not a thing emanates from the two. As if they’re playing for a different film. It doesn’t matter how good you are as an individual actors and both Mr.Depp and Mrs.Jolie were naturally good, but if you can’t work together on a scene where you’re supposed to be together, what’s the point? All in all, it was a disappointment from my part. I can’t understand what’s the attractiveness from this film if taken as a whole. People seems to be enjoying it, though.

My rating: ** / **** – Well, it’s a easy come easy go film. I wrote this review two hours after the film and I’m already loses grip on what I remembered from the film. And I’m losing it fast.