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For me, It begins with this tweet. And as with many Indonesians willing to have some crowd-sourced information in a timely fashion, I head to kaskus for a thorough examinations and the general public’s opinion on the matter. As well as some links to the more professional news outlet, such as the Globe.

As it was, the talks were still ongoing and we won’t probably see an update until next week. Meanwhile, say goodbye to “127 Hours” and “Black Swan,” two of my most anticipated films in the year past, both scheduled to have a release this weekend, and say hello to whatever local films had to offer. Well, they were mostly consist of girls with skimpy outfits, running away from whatever “ghosts” they were chased by. Congratulations, government, you manages to put this country backward in a single swoop. Imagine how many people would’ve lose their jobs if this boycott were realized. What’s next? Games? or *gasp* Books?

It is my fear that this country would turns like the iron curtained Iran. The government might think that we’re like China, self-sustain, currently the second strongest economy in the world, but who are they kidding? If my fear materialized, I promise, I’ll find a way to relocate myself and my family somewhere where I could still see films on a big screen, legally. Heck, I’ll cook, I’ll clean dishes, I’ll do whatever. I promise.

Save the Movies.