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the Green Hornet posterThe only thing that made me willing to give “The Green Hornet” a chance is Michel Gondry. First of all, I think Seth Rogen is not funny but he’s confident that he is funny and for me personally, that’s a bit annoying. If he keeps at it, I’ll be as annoyed as I am now with Adam Sandler in no time. Second, I don’t like Cameron Diaz, never was, never will, and I don’t understand why she has becomes one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Finally, though I’m not entirely familiar with the original material, I personally thought that the idea was terrible. It was rumored to be directed by Stephen Chow at first, and then there’s a “creative difference,” script re-writes, until Michel Gondry jumps in. That’s when I thought that it was, well, probably worth the shot. The verdict? Forgettable but for the moment, entertaining enough.

“The Green Hornet” is a yet another superheroes’ origin story. In my opinion, its original materials wouldn’t even be considered for a revival, re-imagining, or whatever you’d want to call it nowadays without the advent success of superhero movies as of late. 2011 had promised itself to be a year of superhero movies, and this film aspires and probably earns, to be the first successful one. At least commercially. Seth Rogen is a son of a media mogul’s billionaire who one day inherits his father’s fortune and resources. He started to pick a fight as vigilantes with his father’s sort-of genius mechanic with a savvy hand (and feet) on martial arts, Kato (Jay Chou). His somewhat childish behavior attracts the attention of the city’s criminal overlord, Chadnofsky (Chirstoph Waltz) that mounts to an ultimate showdown with a predictable outcome.

Commercial wise, this film had most of its ingredients right. Light and amusing scripts (though a hit-and-miss on comedy marks), visually entertaining, cool gadgets and plenty of explosions and shell casings to keep the boys happy. Great song choices, and some of Michel Gondry touch of visual flair thrown into the mix made the nearly two hours journey a pleasant one to take. Mostly. Seth Rogen is still an ass-hole and sometime in the film, there was a scene when he was annoying as hell that I felt almost compelled to shake my head and thrown my gaze off the screen even if most of the audiences had been more generous to show their appreciative laughter at it. But, some of his scripts are actually hilarious so there was something to redeem somewhere in there. However, ultimately, even if the ingredients were right, sometimes the food just not worthy enough to warrant an effort of remembering the chef who had cooked it. The food is good, sure, You’ll leave a tip, sure, but once you get out of the restaurant, you’ll forget what the food tastes or looks like.

The film was largely forgettable. Sure, it was fun and very entertaining. Probably the most entertaining film I’ve seen in January, but forgettable. Michel Gondry added some of his visual flair to a welcoming sight, but the chemistry between the titular character and his sidekick, Kato is at times, an uncomfortable burden to shoulder. Cameron Diaz’ character was useless except to merely add a female character to fit in somewhere in the script, and although I appreciated Christoph Waltz for showing up his skills that had land him an Oscar, at a second thought, it was a pity that he should appears in this obviously less-ambitious follow-up title to “Inglourious Basterds.” On the other hand, I could understand that the film is going to be a hit here in Indonesia. It was fun and manages to lure its audiences to forget all the problems that they may have with an entertaining couple of hours. So if you’re a casual moviegoers that merely wishes to escape the daily routine, whether you’d care to admit it or not, this film is a great way to pass-up your time and leaving off that problems of yours at the check out. For a couple of hours at least.

My rating: **1/2 / **** – Exceeds my expectation which given that the film had suffered from director reshuffles and script re-writes (never a good sign for any film in its development stage), was fairly low to begin with. It was a fun and entertaining action-comedy that would appeals to many. A great commercial success is almost a guarantee although by next week, most would’ve forgotten about this title.