All contents, unless mentioned, are written by me.

Life is shit. I mean, no matter how good life has treated you thus far, there’s always a time when you’re down low, hating anything that moves, and suspecting that everything around you, breathing or otherwise, would carry a misfortune for you. But you know what? That’s life. If you’ve never ever felt unhappy, you might want to check with the higher authority and perhaps you could somehow tells me what Heaven really looks like.

I, had a so-so life, so far. Not complaining, but there’s definitely a vast room for improvement. An obvious one, at that. I’ll be thirty this year, and I had just stopped from a career, well, an illusion of one, to be precise, and started another anew. A big decision, yes, probably the worst decision that I have to take, but that would be a writing for another day. I’m married to a woman that perfectly fits my every nook and cranny. Has been for the last three years, and would be for another three hundreds if God’s willing. Yet, it is only five years ago, after an engagement went awry, that I’m almost certain that I would forever sailed away the rest of my life by my own self. My wife and I are currently living on a separate islands and only get to see each other once in a month. We’ve spent quite a fortune on airplane tickets and logistics and as a result, we’re rarely, if ever, had a chance of saving some money. But, on a contrary, our investments, pension plans, and everything in between, had seen a steady growth which comes as a pleasant surprise because I’m so used to see only five digits of number (in Indonesian Rupiah) on my ATM screen. No kidding.

That besides the point, actually. And I had a writing skeleton about how we planned our investments on a separate post, anyway. What I’m trying to say is, well, if I had to stop and think about it, life hasn’t very kind to us. But who the fuck are we kid? All we need was just a look outside our window, and we know that life has been too kind to us and that, annulled our right to complain about life in general.

Yes, sometime life is shit. You hate your job, you hate your boss, you hate your coworker, you hate that extra hour, and you just hate the way that lazy cat stretching after her afternoon nap. But, remember, someone out there had it worse than you. You complained for a three days business trip so you don’t get to see your wife or husband for the whole three days? Well, I haven’t seen my wife in more than a week and someone out there don’t even have the privilege for a paid business trip. Someone out there, had lost the fire in his eyes, selling something that nobody really wants to buy (think traditional foods, alphabet posters for toddlers, traditional games), for a measly profit that’s probably not enough to buy your plate of last night’s dinner.

So, really, if next time you find yourself in a heap of dung, remember that someone who had lost the fire. Also, you might want to sing this song, whistle this tune, and perhaps life is a bit better afterward. Even if you may had to sing or whistle through a gritted teeth. Well, it works for me, maybe it will for you, too.


(1) YouTube video is from “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” (1979), one of the funniest comedy I’ve ever seen.