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Watch enough Michael Bay films, and you’ll sort of “get” his film. I’ve got to admit, he’s my guilty pleasure. His films may not necessarily pleasing in term of plot or especially, characters development which is naught to be had, to be quite honest. But my, they are pleasing on the eye, and at least enjoyable. Of course, that is, given you’re watching them “properly.” And by I means with “properly” is watching them on a screen where it was intended. I’ve tried to watch the other two Transformers films on my small TV screen before I went to this film but I was left dead bored that even the supposedly exciting action piece felt flat and under-toned.

This film, a third entry of his Transformers series has everything that you could possibly had from Michael Bay. You’ll “get” his circling shots, his slow-mo shots, and his other gratuitous shots that actually doesn’t make sense in the overall plot structure, but look cool on the big screen. And if that what was aimed by Michael Bay from this film (and I honestly think that it does), he does it very very well.

Okay, plot, plot, hm, well, I’ll let you be the judge of it by yourself. For me, it’s slightly better than the second film, but only ever so slightly. But you’re not came flocking to this film looking for plot, are you? I’m not.

Dare I say it’s formulaic? This film is again follows the “miserable” life of Sam Witwicky. Yeah, he’s “miserable” because he only has this sexy supermodel of a girlfriend to boot, graduated from an Ivy League college, and a spacious living place in the heart of D.C. Yet, he’s constantly complaining, constantly bragging about how he is saving the world. Twice. Met with Obama to receive a medal. Not his fault, though, I’ll be complaining as well if I were in his shoes. Yes, it was meant to be a sarcasm.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed because this film slightly undermines the mayhem robotic fighting and often concentrates on how humans (and Witwicky, a civilian, with his girlfriend, also a civilian who were somehow received a special treatment from the army trained special forces) stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the metallic Decepticons. Not just once, or even twice, or even thrice had I mumbled to myself about how “useless” these Autobots are. They were seemingly always behind a schedule arriving at the battle scene despite having a, you know, obvious advantages by being a robot and all. And Optimus Prime? Sure, he gets all the spotlight in the end but there’s this stupid scene of him involving a crane that makes me questioned about his ability of being the all-mighty, all-knowing, and all-wise of the Autobots leader. Yeah, right.

But I shall give credits when the credits are due. As far as I’m concerned, the action pieces, were awesome. The level of catastrophe and destruction was huge and well constructed and the slow-mo actions were beautiful. And I do mean it, and I usually don’t like slow-mo actions but they’re beautiful.

So, on a final note, “Transformers Dark of the Moon” is what you’d expect from Transformers series and it’s fun to see everyone from the previous films returns. But what about Megan Fox replacement? Well, suffice to say that I’d prefer her pin-up posters hanging up on my dorm room’s wall than Megan Fox’s. And that’s about it.