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You know the drill on this one. It begins with a vision scene, where characters were killed on a certain order, and then the rest, where each survivors were given set pieces that led to his/her death in an order that he/she supposedly to die according to the vision scene shown earlier. Props to this movie, for it is at least, a huge improvement from the fourth installment of the franchise. Plus, I’m actually surprised with the twist at the end of the movie. Kudos to that, too, albeit a small one at that. Everything else, is, well, your usual Final Destination stuffs which answers to one question and one question only, how creative are you to dispose these poor un-named, and soon-to-be forgotten youngsters.

Answer, not much.

Since it is pretty much to be expected that this movie would not deviate from its fixed formula, it makes more sense to compare this movie with the rest of its franchisee. To put this movie elsewhere wouldn’t be much of a contest anyway. In that respect, according to yours truly here, the order of the franchise would goes as follows. Two, one, three, five, and quite a distant four. I liked number two because so far, that highway scene is still the most awesome vision scene of the franchise. Heck, whenever I had a chance, I wouldn’t missed that scene (and that scene alone). This movie’s vision scene is actually pretty close but I had to put number one up because well, it was the first film and all, and number three because of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Turns out that the absence of star power really dampens a movie’s overall quality after all.

Of course, you won’t be lining up for this movie for a quality evening out are you?

If anything, the death scenes were nothing that we’ve never seen before. Thanks to the years of widespread torture porn genre adoption that had lowered our standard of acceptance regarding the nature of wasting another man’s life on screen. Sure there are impalements, deaths by crushing heavy objects and what not, fire, et cetera. But these are, for me, rather tame if compared to say, Saw series. They were I think designed as to shock rather than to offer a “real” depiction of murder and deaths. And of course, if you’re like me, having seen close to three hundred movies (not including repeat viewings) in a year, it takes a lot to shock.

However, for me personally, one scene stood out. Not because of its sheer creativeness, mind you. I was squeamish uneasily on my seat during this scene where another whats-her-name-I-don’t-really-care cannon fodder youngster was about to undergo an eye surgery that yep, you guess it, gone horribly wrong. You see, I had experienced this laser-based eye surgery first hand so I could really appreciate imminent risk and danger that comes with it. And as a guy with heavy glasses, any scenes, in any movies, that involves a potent danger to that very organ would makes me squeamish no matter what the nature of the scene actually is.

All in all, even for fan of the series, this latest installment won’t offer much. Just a bunch of anonymous characters I wouldn’t care to name, nor Googled for, waiting for their turn to be picked up by deaths. A nice touch at the end of the movie though and as it was, I really hope that this is a closure to entire series. Good riddance, I say.