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Right. So this is the very definition of what I meant with a lazy-sequel. “The Hangover Part II” is obviously (and understandably) piggybacking from the (surprise?) hit of the first “The Hangover.” It brings the characters, plot, and premise of a night gone horribly wrong to a different location. Thailand, this time, hoping, well, claiming that it would be bigger (is not), funnier (is not), and more absurd (let me think, umm, well, okay). I’ve seen the first film twice in theater, and had a good laugh during both occasions. This movie gives me nearly none (probably only once, during the photo slides at the end of the movie). There was even this scene where my head was down in shame, and my fingers messaging the area between my brows. Some of the scenes were probably fit into some people’s definition of funny, but for me, well, it’s not and if it was meant to be funny (judging by the laughs that people around me have during the movie), it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.

The wolf-pack is back. The groom this time is Dr.Stuart Price (Ed Helms) who was to be married in Thailand. But of course, one harmless drinking session besides a camp fire ended as they’re waking up in a shanty motel somewhere in Bangkok the morning after. Assorted clues were left behind, but in my opinion, none of it topped a baby and a live tiger left in the hotel room from the first movie. I had suspected that the writers had gone lazy. The rest of the film, as Bradley Cooper’s character aptly said, “you know the drill.”

This review would heavily emphasized on the comparison between this movie and the one before it. The similarity was of course, uncanny and I think everyone, even the regular joes and janes would have no illusion as to expect that this movie would have any significant differences from the first one. Phil (Bradley Cooper) was still the de-facto leader of the lost pack, Stu (Ed Helms) was still the paranoid one, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) was still donned his crazy, not-of-this-world lunatic, although not as amusing as he was in the first film even if his “jokes” and antics are more-or-less the same. Doug (Justin Bartha) was not missing, for a change, but largely gone from screen, thankfully. The one missing this time is Teddy (not bothered to Google the actor’s name) and still the same, this movie deals with how the wolf-pack looking for the missing Teddy in a crowded and yellow-washed streets of Bangkok.

If compared to the first movie, I think this movie has lost its charm. The treasure hunt for the missing Teddy was more contrived and far less interesting that it seems every steps they took which led them closer to Teddy was more of a chance and happenstance rather than the fun one we had from the first movie. Sure, the chase scenes were obviously bigger but bigger doesn’t necessarily means more exciting, right? Uninteresting supporting characters were also at fault. We’ve got Heather Grahams in the first movie. This time? Nobody of significant value. In short, if “The Hangover” is a “Spider-Man II,” this movie is a “Spider-Man III.” Contrived, had an intention to be bigger and all, but resulted in a complete mess that even a familiar cameo appearance at the end of the movie couldn’t even salvage any valuables from the wreckage.

But perhaps, if this is more to your liking, the guys are back, and they didn’t changed from the first movie. And I’ve heard that many would’ve been okay with it. If this is what you’re looking for from this sequel, then by all means, forget I’ve said about anything.