All contents, unless mentioned, are written by me.

I see a movie as more than just of its entertainment value and often time I took a preference to a movie that actually teaches me something rather than just a mean to dispose a couple of hours excess of my time. Which is why, I sought for documentary movies, and dramas because I really liked the feeling of coming out of a movie with some new understandings. About the recent financial crisis, for example, or about the complexity of human interactions, for another, or specific to this movie, about the life, and the rise and fall of a great woman.

I was too young to remember Margaret Thatcher, but at the very least, I know about her enough that when a movie titled “The Iron Lady” came out, surmised that it was about the former prime minister of England and rather than that Marvel super-hero which is to my surprise, there is actually quite a few of them out there. As it was, because my previous knowledge on Margaret Thatcher is largely negligible, I took everything that this movie has to offer at its face value. And even if it, as I’m quite sure most of autobiographical works out there are, tends to emphasize on her better traits, I’m actually quite surprised with the balance of it. There’s this beautiful shot of her walking, at first, together with her peers and staffs, but then gradually, they grew apart as one character had put it succinctly, “the difference between me and the Prime Minister is no longer can be accommodated.” (may not an accurate, actual quote).

All in all, I had spent two hours of my time to see this movie and came out with something new which of course, put this movie firmly into my personal favorable side.

Meryl Streep is amazing. Her portrayal of the former prime minister, aging, stooped with a condition that most would’ve thought as bordering to senility, obviously required much work from the actress and she nails it every single time. I also really liked the manner of the movie that told about the life of Margaret Thatcher in a reminiscence rather than in a chronological order of her ascension. It put her into a favorable character and best of all, identifiable because we are not seeing her as an innocence turned ambitious first, nor her as a ruthless leader, but just a senile old woman who has gone through a lot, and just living her golden years, alone and maybe, just maybe, had some regrets of her own.

That being said, I’m not really keen with the directing of this movie. I found it to be a tad tedious and a bit over-excessive on its editing. There are numerous shots taken from Mrs.Thatcher’s point of view which I think not nearly as effective as it was intended. But the message it carries went through and it is a very enjoyable movie. Although it must be noted that some footage of riot and violence, brief as they are, might be a bit too disturbing for some. Ultimately, I think, during the Falklands island incident, I feel that our country’s leaders could benefit and learn a thing or two from this movie. But of course, who am I kidding? Our country’s leaders are probably too smart for a movie and too ignorant to actually listen to others. Such is the state of my dear country. I loved her dearly, and I wish I could say the same thing for my representatives at the parliament. I really do.