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An example that some materials are best told in a certain medium and not necessarily works as well through other medium. Based on a book with same name, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is a dense, not really complicated but can’t be said as straightforward as well, and intricate espionage drama. A full attention is a must when watching this movie. Otherwise, you’ll be like many others. Left confused in its wake, and putting a finger of blame on the movie.

Two hours is definitely not enough to capture the whole of the “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” the book, into a movie. I have never read the book, but it is easy to see why it will infinitely works better on a reader’s imagination rather than shoved at a viewer’s eyeballs. The movie’s nature, an intricate espionage drama, one that doesn’t involve any big action scenes, but rather involving quite a lot of subtle moves, and lots and lots of talk, would prove quite a challenge for most who merely wants a moment’s respite of a light entertainment. But like a game of chess between two grandmasters, some would intensely involved with each move (and long minutes that precedes it), most would simply yawned and walked away.

I would forever associate Gary Oldman with Gotham’s Commissioner Gordon. Uniformly praised in this movie, he is as assertive, and as true as Gordon ever was. Perhaps even more. He acted as an experienced (I actually wanted to use the word “super”) agent working with a small team from outside of the system to uncover the high-ranking mole in “The Circle,” during Cold War period. He walks a thin line between friends and foes that a simple slip would cost him his life. In order to appreciate this movie, one has to appreciate his role. And again I say, the appreciation would come easy if one is to pay attention. Question is, can you? Because the way I see it, most are can’t.

Apart from Mr.Oldman, this movie is generously featured a lot, and I mean a lot of familiar faces. I think it was necessary to instill a familiarity because otherwise, I would have lost on who’s who. With familiar faces, it was easier to associate names, and therefore easier to follow the story. Although arguably, it doesn’t necessarily make it any clearer. Gary Oldman is obviously the one that carries the movie forward. If the story is a storm, his character was easily the eye. Benedict Cumberbatch is the one to watch, though, I was enjoying every second of his screen time and also because he gets to do a lot of excitement inducing part of this movie.

All in all, though, I would say that the story in this movie is best enjoyed on its original medium. But it’s worth it if only for Gary Oldman manic performance. Heck, every single actor in this movie had held their share of bargain as well, and as I had pointed out earlier, I really liked Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance. And I can’t wait for his next appearance at “Star Trek 2.” Ultimately, this movie would set a hard line between an easy going, light entertainment seeking crowd and their more serious counterpart. You had to be the latter to be able to enjoy the movie as it is.