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I am obviously not an expert in the business of filmmaking, but purely from a viewer’s point of view, I was wondering what goes inside this movie’s editor minds when they allow the first forty minutes for release. It is one thing, and probably forgivable, if it makes the movie’s pace a bit slower, but for me personally, the entire forty minutes of this movie serves nothing, could easily be scraped off, and had it not existed, would make the burden for wanting to enjoy a mindless naval battle that this movie promises that much lighter. I was squirming uncomfortably and checking my watch to count exactly how long this preamble lasts. And the movie runs terribly long as well. Had we cut off that problematic forty minutes to its bare essentials, we still get a respectable ninety minutes movie and most likely, most of the audience’s patience with it.

One redeeming quality from “Battleship” is that it doesn’t bother to try to pretend that it is more than a mindless action. The naval battles are actually quite entertaining and not too shabby but honestly, what do you expect? I’m buying a ticket to this movie just for that, and some of the explosion fest are somewhat enjoyable. I dare say that if you love naval battles you’ll get some okay moments from this movie. But of course, you need to wait for some considerable time before the not-too-shabby stuffs starting to happen. And ultimately, they are just that, not-too-shabby, okay, and in other word, forgettable.

But hey, welcome to a blockbuster season when movies are made to be enjoyed, best with a high dose of saccharine and a healthy dose of an idle mind.

In the end, I ended up quite sad to see Liam Neeson in this charade. I couldn’t care less about the rest of the casts and I’m having trouble believing whoever gets to play Sam is the love interest. Yes, she has a considerable boobs size but really? I don’t even bother to look up her name and hoping that this is the last time I’m seeing her (although I wouldn’t remember if I ever see her again in the future). Hey, even Rihanna whom I say should stick to singing, has a more lasting impression than her. And that is a devastating testament of her acting performance. Or should I say, “acting.”

All in all, don’t listen to me. If you’ve seen the advertisement of this movie, you’ll know exactly what is coming your way and you’re silly if you’re expecting something more sophisticated out of it. Just know that for the first forty minutes there will be absolutely nothing of importance. In fact, you could take a multiple extended bathroom breaks from this movie at any time and still wouldn’t miss a thing. Even more, you’ll probably have a better life if you spent 130 minutes of your time elsewhere. Read a book, or have a session of “Battleship” (the board game) with your loved ones.

Oh, and any similarity nuances you’ll have with “Transformers” franchise is well, inevitable.