"Hi, my name is Rhama. I love to write, which implies my love to reading. I'm kinda obsessed with Movies, works as an IT guy at day, and developing Android app and iOS app otherwise. Oh, yeah, I also kinda wished to escape the cubicle farm."

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I guess you could say that this was my calling. Quite unambitious calling, eh? But let me tell you a story.

Well there's this guy. He had spent the first eighteen years of his life growing up in the middle of nowhere. With nary an access to advanced signs of modernization, it was actually a beautiful place to spent your retirement days away. Yet, as it was, it was too dull place and hardly interesting. And worst of all, for him, this place doesn't have any movie theater. Not one.

However, despite the near isolation, he manages to get himself exposed to the magic of moving pictures. From "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Magnificent Seven" when his age has not yet reached two digits, to late night TV series intended for audiences more mature than him, it was clear from then on of where his interests were.

Arguably, he began to take movies seriously when he saw Fincher's "Seven" and Mann's "Heat" when he was fifteen. It was probably his best experience as it was his first and naturally David Fincher and Michale Mann became two of his most favorite directors up until now.

A couple of years later, fate led him to the big city where it was far more easier for him to get exposed to the films. And so he was, taking a tiny step with Akira Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick as well as mainstream films and never looks back.

That guy, of course, is me.

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