"Hi, my name is Rhama. I love to write, which implies my love to reading. I'm kinda obsessed with Movies, works as an IT guy at day, and developing Android app and iOS app otherwise. Oh, yeah, I also kinda wished to escape the cubicle farm."

Category: Write

Besides Movies, Writings has been one of my main obsessions that significantly took more time than anything else I've ever did. Once I had even really considered of quitting my school half-way to pursue another career in writing.

Well, to be quite frank, I don't have any significant talent in writing. I've been trying several times to write some lengthy stories and even had several pages of manuscripts somewhere in my cupboard but every time I read one of these manuscripts back, I felt so disgusted that I don't have any choice but to buried it back.

Thus, I'm only writing for fun right now, despite some occasional writings on Movies, or perhaps some loose notes on many technical stuffs that had captured my short-lived attention at a moment. This category here is therefore, a dumpster. Where I put any writings of mine that don't fit into any of the major categories.