"Hi, my name is Rhama. I love to write, which implies my love to reading. I'm kinda obsessed with Movies, works as an IT guy at day, and developing Android app and iOS app otherwise. Oh, yeah, I also kinda wished to escape the cubicle farm."

Jan 06, 2009

Yeap, another year, another blog. Even if, arguably, most people said that the trend of blogging has reached its peak – many years ago – and has been going southward ever since, some people – yours truly here, obviously, included – still believe in its power (although probably, you could say that some of us are insecure of our existence and needed some kind of a reminder to prove that he, or she is still alive and kicking, but more importantly, exist). Thus, another blog of mine.

This would be my third blog (not exactly third as in, first, second, third, etc. per se, as I has some other blogs as well, but, let’s just say that this is my third “official” blog preceded by this, and this) and the first to have its own domain. I have been blogging, or more appropriately, tried to blog since, euh, according to my own personal stash of blog records, October 2003. These blog entries are scattered through the aforementioned “official” blogs among others. With this third and hopefully final blog, I hope that all of those blog entries – precious to me, whatever you say – now found its home.

Why now, you say? Well, to say it simply, let’s just say that I’m lazy, and stop at that.

As of now, this blog is clearly under development, I’m currently archiving my old blog entries – it’s funny reading myself from five years ago. If anything, it’s clearly shown how much I’ve grown up over the year. Is it much? Or is it infinitesimal? You judge. I’m using the latest WordPress (2.7 if I’m not mistaken) as my blog engine, and using my very own template – you don’t see it elsewhere. However, it should be noted that I’m using Firefox and Safari, therefore if you’re one of those unlucky ones who still stuck with Internet Explorer, you might found some gibberish and incoherent layouts.

Happy belated New Year, by the way.