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Feb 27, 2011

The Oscars night is about thirty hours away and even if I hadn’t seen a handful of its nominations (in particular, “Black Swan” and “True Grit”), with the way things were at the award events that led to Oscars thus far, I could say that I’d had a pretty good odd in guessing the winners.

Best Picture

My pick, obvious, “The Social Network.” Most likely to win? “The King’s Speech.” I personally took the manic energy on how “The Social Network” had presented itself than the relatively tamer and more friendly “The King’s Speech” on any given Sunday. But, “The King’s Speech” was probably more preferred in general because it was sympathetic, ended in a high note, and featured a compelling character that was actually lovable as oppose to a quote, “an asshole,” end quote that has been attributed to the other film’s character.

Best Director

David Fincher. I’d completely lost faith to the Academy had they pick another. Well, Darren Aronofsky might become an exception but until I see “Black Swan” for myself, it’s David Fincher.

Best Actor

For once, I felt that this year’s nominations for Best Actor was rather uninspiring. Colin Firth was the obvious choice and I don’t really care if he or any other nominees who will win this award.

Best Actress

Again, until I see “Black Swan,” I’d go with either Annette Bening from “The Kids Are All Right,” or, with a slight inclination, Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone.” Both Jennifer Lawrence and Annette Bening had given me something to remember about a character that, as circumstances has it, had to be strong as they waged their respective inner struggle. However, my favorite leading lady from the year’s past wasn’t even nominated. My favorite leading lady from the year’s past had been ChloĆ« Moretz from “Let Me In.”

Best Supporting Actor

For this year’s award, I loved every single performance that gets nominated in this category. My pick would be Christian Bale from “The Fighter” who was once again, disappeared into his character, that you had to see it to believe that this crazy and skinny dude was and still, (arguably) the greatest Batman.

Best Supporting Actress

My favorite of this category, Helena Bonham Carter. The one who gets to bring home the trophy? Melissa Leo from “The Fighter.” The duality of her character in “The Fighter” was intriguing and perhaps even, hate inducing. But, as I’ve stated in my review of “The Fighter,” it’s rather impossible to in the end, not to sympathize with her character. That’s why she’s going to win. A little foot note, I hadn’t seen “True Grit” but I heard that Hailee Steinfeld was pretty awesome in it.

Best Original Screenplay

My second favorite screenplay of the year (the first one is going to win Best Adapted Screenplay) is “Buried.” But it wasn’t even get a nomination. Thus, my pick from this category? “Inception” for it’s logic shattering layer of dreams landscape. However, “The King’s Speech” will win because really, if you could take a relatively boring subject of an autobiography into an enjoyable two hours feat, that was a great storytelling at work.

Best Adapted Screenplay

I will personally hand write a hate letter to each and every Academy members if Aaron Sorkin didn’t win this one.

And that’s a wrap. Actually, there are quite other categories as well but by the exception of Best Documentary, I honestly couldn’t care less about the other categories.

Feb 19, 2011

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Feb 18, 2011

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Feb 12, 2011

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Feb 10, 2011

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Feb 02, 2011

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Feb 01, 2011

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Jan 29, 2011

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Jan 21, 2011

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